Postgres for Real-time Analytics

Tablespace is a cloud-native database platform for running extremely fast Real-time Analytical and Transactional queries on Postgres.

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Extreme performance, operational simplicity

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Columnstore Indexes

Analytical queries are accelerated by Columnstore indexes on Postgres heap tables and a Vectorized Columnar Engine. Queries run 10x - 2000x faster than Vanilla Postgres, Citus, Hydra, ParadeDB and ClickHouse.

100% Postgres

Transactional queries are executed by a Transactional Engine. Optimizations are implemented as the  pg_columnstore extension not a fork, so all Postgres features like primary keys and referential integrity constraints are supported.

Operational simplicity

Run real-time Analytical and Transactional queries on the same Postgres heap tables with no code changes. Columnstore indexes are transactionally consistent with Postgres heap tables so no manual data movement is required.

Cost effective

Save millions by replacing costly legacy datawarehouses with a single real-time Hybrid Transactional and Analytical (HTAP) Postgres database platform.

Tool support

Works out of the box with all the Postgres database tools you know and love. No need to modify development workflows or business processes.

Fully managed

Create a fully-managed, high performance, real-time HTAP Postgres database in the cloud in seconds.

Faster real-time analytical and transactional queries

Faster than Vanilla Postgres
for aggregate queries
Faster than ClickHouse
for aggregate queries
Faster than ParadeDB
for GROUP BY queries
Faster than Citus for
GROUP BY queries
Faster than Hydra for
GROUP BY queries