Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tablespace?

Tablespace is a cloud-native Postgres database platform that provides fully managed, high performance Postgres databases in the cloud. Postgres databases on Tablespace have been enhanced to run Hybrid Transaction and Analytical (HTAP) queries 10x - 2000x faster than Vanilla Postgres.

Why is Postgres on Tablespace so fast?

Postgres on the Tablespace platform has been enhanced to execute queries much faster than Vanilla Postgres. Analytical queries are accelerated using Columnstore indexes which store data in a columnar format to reduce I/O overhead and a Vectorized Columnar Engine which queries the Columnstore indexes very fast. Analytical queries are routed transparently to the Vectorized Columnar Engine and transactional queries are routed to the Transactional Engine. This results in a 10x - 2000x increase in performance over Vanilla Postgres. You can view the benchmarks here.

Are Columnstore indexes transactionally consistent?

Yes! The Columnstore indexes are transactionally consistent with data in the underlying Postgres heap tables. Columnstore indexes are fully ACID compliant and any change to data in the underlying table is visible in its Columnstore index for querying according to ACID rules.

Does Tablespace use proprietary table types?

No. Unlike other Postgres database providers, data on Tablespace is stored in native Postgres heap tables. To increase performance of real-time analytical queries you simply create Columnstore indexes on these heap tables. Transactional and Analytical queries (HTAP) can be run on the same tables without modification. Tables also support the Postgres features you expect like primary keys, referential integrity constraints, etc. Its just Postgres!

Does Tablespace use a forked version of Postgres?

No. Postgres provides a native way of extending its capabilities called Extensions. All performance enhancements on Tablespace have been implemented as a native Postgres extension called pg_columnstore, so databases are 100% Postgres compatible with all the  features you expect. However Postgres databases on the Tablespace platform can run queries 10x - 2000x faster than Vanilla Postgres.